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A little bit about us..

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- Nadine Arzt, Author -

I have spent much of my life in the business world and never really thought about writing children's books until Angus and Coco came along. Watching them every day and imagining what they thought and how they felt motivated me to write stories about our lives together. I am originally from Long Island, NY and now live in New Jersey with my rescue furloves Malcolm & Sadie.  

- Annemieke Offermans, Illustrator -

Drawing is my passion, I discovered that at a very young age.  And I have always had a love for cats, so combining the two seemed obvious.  I live with two rescued red cats at home.  Their names are Mizu & Fuego.  And when they are up to their daily shenanigans, I take out my sketchbook and start to draw.  And I can tell you, they give me a lot to draw about...  I was born and raised in The Netherlands and still live there now.  

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